Cape Cod Fishing &
Whale Watch Charters

MacMillan Pier, Provincetown, MA



Cool Weather Sport Fishing

There are still some  bass and blues biting around Provincetown! Come on down and sport fish with us while the goin’ is still good.  We have a good couple of weeks ahead of us before the Ginny G will be done for the season.

Fall Sport Fishing Aboard the Ginny G

Fall is here and the weather is beautiful.  Sunny skies, warm waters and falling leaves. Our sportfishing charters are going really well. We are able to drop line and catch some good sized fish. Join us for some of the best fishing on Cape Cod! After your fishing trip stroll through Provincetown and enjoy local food, shops and art galleries.

Ginny G Sport Fishing

The Ginny G is looking good! We are so proud of our boat. She is a trooper. With her heated cabin (great for Fall sport fishing trips) and her full size bathroom all of our guests can enjoy the amenities of home while on the water. The Ginny G can hold up to 6 guests at a time and is the perfect activity for groups of all ages. Whether you are looking to relax on the water with family or celebrate a special events with buddies, the Ginny G can accommodate. Sport fishing trips are available daily Spring, Summer and Fall each year. Contact us today to learn more!

Late Summer Sport Fishing

We are still out in the water reeling in the BIG fish! Do not let the change in weather stop you from visiting beautiful Cape Cod in the late summer/fall. We have been very lucky this season, the weather has been beautiful and the sun has been shining. The ocean is still warm enough that the fish are sticking around. Late summer and fall are also a great time of year to enjoy a private whale watch charter. Whatever you choose to do on your Cape Cod vacation the Ginny G is here and ready to take you out on the water and to have a great time!

Whales and Lobsters

What a great time on the water with this group.  We saw whales and we pulled up lobster traps!  The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and we could not have had a better private charter trip.

There is still time to reserve a private whale watch or sport fishing trip aboard the Ginny G for the 2017 season. Use our online booking system or call Ginny today 508.246.3656.

Great Fishing!

Our latest sport fishing charters have been enjoying their time on the water. Catching stripers on every trip! The weather is starting to cool off a bit, but the fish are still biting! Be sure to call Ginny to reserve your Cape Cod sport fishing charter before the season comes to an end. We hope to fish with you soon!

Late Summer Whale Watching

Summer is coming to an end …as the weather starts to change and the fish start to find warmer waters. Late summer is a great time of year to enjoy some whale watching aboard the Ginny G.  We take you and your group of friends on a boat ride out into the waters just off Provincetown to look for whales, seals and more. Enjoy beautiful views, salty air and a comfortable boat all to yourselves. Contact Ginny for more details!

Great Sportfishing This Week

We had a great time these past few days fishing with so many great groups! We fished with kids, adults and families of all ages. We caught Bluefish and Stripers. We saw some beautiful whales and other than a day of rain the weather has been great! Join us for the best sportfishing on Cape Cod, aboard the Ginny G.

Sportfishing and Whale Watching

We had a great time sportfishing in the morning. Caught some good sized stripers. Weather was beautiful in Provincetown.

We had a very nice private whale watch trip in the evening. We love bringing groups out into the open waters just off the tip of Cape Cod to view beautiful whales. Always a great time.

Whale Watching + Sharks

While out on one of our recent private whale watch charter trips we happened upon some sharks feeding on a dead whale. A pretty neat sight when you view a big sharks enjoying a meal out in the open waters off Cape Cod.

We also saw lots of BIG whales! What a great private whale watching charter!