Cape Cod Fishing

The Ginny G offers Cape Cod fishing at its best. If you like to catch fish, hang with friends, and have a great time, the Ginny G is the perfect boat for you. Captain Dave Gibson has been fishing off Cape Cod and New England for more than 35 years. First Mate JB Brown has been fishing ever since he can remember, and he certainly remembers catching a 50 lb Striped Bass at the age of 12. Both Captain and Mate have been fishing for so long that they know where the fish are before the fish know!

Cape Cod fishing is a fun sport and can be the perfect addition to any vacation. Bring your partner, your wife, you family. The Ginny G can hold up to 6 people and can comfortably seat that many too. With a large heated cabin, full size bathroom and plenty of seating you are sure to have a great time.

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Cape Cod Fishing

Ginny G

Cape Cod Fishing & Whale Watch Charters

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