Wicked Pissa

We just LOVE customer comments.. “Wicked pissa. We had an awesome day catching bass. We caught 4 great keepers and we are having steaks tonight! This is as good as it gets!” Thank you from Dallas, L.A. and Boston

Light Tackle with Mackerel

Will, Charlie, Chris, Freddie and Max all caught stripers. Max lost his to a buoy. All fish caught on light tackle with live mackerel. They had an awesome time.

Ginny G Brings Family Together

We just LOVE customer comments like the one below: “The Ginny G brings the family together. The Silks, Dicksons, Burns & Bozarihs from Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC, New York & Newburyport  thank Spider and the Ginny G for a banner day on the...

Cape Cod Fishing

Join us for the BEST Cape Cod fishing.  Captain Dave Gibson has been fishing the waters off Provincetown for over 35 years, so he knows a thing or two about where to catch the best fish around.  With the weather getting warmer, the stripers are finding their way into...

Great Fishing, Beautiful Day

Bob from Montano ‘s Restaurant in North Truro along with his gang were with us today. Great fishing using light tackle, diamond gigging fishing. We had a great time and enjoyed their company.  

We are in the Water!

We have now been in the water for a week.  Weather seems to be getting much better.  Love the sun we have had the past few days.  Had a whale watch trip  and a sea burial. No fishing trips yet but we have gone out for our own benefit and caught mackerel and a few...