Great Day of Fishing

The Danaher family from Connecticut said..   “We have a great day of fishing, tight lines all day.”

Beautiful Weather..Lots of BIG Fish

Mark and Brenda Frazier from Utah had a great time fishing with Capt Dave and mate JB.  Just look at the size of those fish!  The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and as you can see, the fish were biting!  Join us for a sport fishing trip while on your next...

Great Catch

The Provincetown sport fishing trips we have had the pleasure to enjoy this Summer have been amazing!  We have had beautiful weather, BIG fish biting on most every trip, seals to watch and great people to spend each day with.  Fishing in the waters off provincetown is...

Family Fishing Trip from Moscow Russia

Nikols and Alexey Lukyanov from Moscow Russia joined us for a sport fishing trip July 15, 2016.  They caught lots of fish had lots of fun.

Blues and Stripers

This photo is from a bachelor party for Chris Jones with his buddies. We have been catching Bluefish and Stripers lately.  This is a great combo as you get to choose which fish you want to keep depending on the type you like to eat.  Do not forget, we clean ALL of the...

Mother + Daughter Sport Fishing Trip

We had a great sport fishing trip aboard the Ginny G with this mother and daughter team. This was Ruby’s first fishing trip and they both caught keepers! Great work girls!