Cape Cod Striped Bass Fishing

After you have enjoyed your sport fishing trip aboard the Ginny G, you will then be leaving with a cooler full of fish, prepped and ready to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   If you have chosen a striped bass trip, then you will have a cooler full of stripers.   Stripers are one of the most sought after fish in North America and spend most of their time cruising the waters of the East Coast, and they love New England.  Stripers come in all sizes ranging from 5 pounds up to 70 pounds, but the most often caught is in the 5-8 pound range.  The meat of a striped bass is flaky and has the texture of sole or swordfish.  Striped bass is very versatile in the kitchen, great for grilling, deep frying, smoking and poaching.  Whatever way you like to cook and eat your striped bass, you will enjoy it!

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