We get emails, notes and verbal comments all of the time from our customers who enjoyed their Provincetown sport fishing trip. Below is a recent one we received that we thought we should share…


Good day, Ginny, Dave and JB,

I just wanted to send along some photos from our charter. We had a great time! Thank you, Captain Dave, for burning the fuel to get us over to the Dennis coastline where the fish were. A lot of guys would have just trolled around PTown for four hours. You gave us our money’s worth, and then some.

JB was great; he was a lot of fun and was an excellent mate. We ate most of the fish that night and they were delicious.

I have asked TripAdvisor to add you as an Attraction on their website and have already written a review. When they post it I will forward the link to you.

Thanks again for a great trip. We look forward to seeing you all again.


Pete Flanagan
Washingtonville, NY


Ginny G

Cape Cod Fishing & Whale Watch Charters

MacMillan Pier, Provincetown, MA


[email protected]