Now, this may seem like an odd title to a post, however we want to be very sure that all of our online visitors know that we have a full bathroom on our boat.  Why is this important?  When you are out on the ocean, on a sport fishing trip and you need to go to the bathroom, you are not going to want to have to either go in a bucket or off the side of the boat.  You are going to want to use a clean and roomy bathroom, which we have.  Our bathroom is private, comfortable and will make your Ptown fishing trip that much better.

You will want to spend more time on the water fishing for some great blues, cod or any other fish you choose, just because you know there is always a bathroom available to you.  Trust me, we hear it all the time, how great it is to have a full bathroom on board the Ginny G.  Give us a call today to book your trip: 508-246-3656.

Ginny G

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