We had our first trip of the 2012 season, and wouldn’t you know it was actually a whale watch trip!  And boy was it great.  There whales were all over the open waters and it was a great start to a new season for the Ginny G.

The Ginny G and it’s captain Dave Gibson have been offering Provincetown charter fishing trips longer than any other charter fishing boat operating in Provincetown today.  Why is this important?  Dave know the waters in and out, her has fished in every corner of the ocean on lower Cape Cod and he knows just the places to go to catch some great fish!

If you are looking to have a great time with some friends, catch some great fish and enjoy the open waters off Provincetown, you will not be disappointed aboard the Ginny G.  Give us a call today to reserve your trip : 508.246.3656

Ginny G

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